Posh Baby and Kids Partners with Dwinguler and Baby Care to Bring Premium and High Quality Play Mats to the Indian Market

December 16, 2015

Leading brands in premium baby products, Dwinguler and Baby Care also offers the safest play mats in the market. Apart from being really safe for kids and the environment, these mats are visually engaging and educative. Posh Baby and Kids, a Canadian distributor for Dwinguler and Baby Care products, is expanding its distributorship to India; bringing premium and high quality play mats to stores across India and ensuring access and availability to a top notch product for parents in the country.

“Dwinguler and Baby Care with its safe, high quality and stunning play mats have introduced a whole new dimension to the world of children’s play mats. We at Posh Baby and Kids, aim to build and expand upon our years of expertise with play mats in the Canadian market; to provide retailers and consumers in India the best in kid’s playmats,” said Deepak Raghavan, President and CEO of Posh Baby and Kids.
Dwinguler and Baby Care playmats create a safe play area, stimulates body and brain development and inspires a child’s imagination and creativity. Colourful, stylish and educational, these multi-purpose play mats are a must-have accessory that can be used anytime anywhere – indoors or outdoors, in the bedroom or living room.

Made from high quality non-toxic materials the play mats are eco-friendly and kid-friendly. The play mats are waterproof and easy to clean for a hygienic play area; has cushioned surfaces to protect children from hard floor surfaces and potential injuries; provides a soft landing space for rolling, tumbling and falling as a baby learns to crawl, stand up or walk. Play mats are double-sided and designed with stimulating and vibrant patterns to capture and engage a child’s curiosity. Introduce them to alphabets, characters and numbers, let them identify animals and objects, or tell stories using colourful illustrations.

“Innovatively designed play mats such as Baby Care ‘Pingko & Friends’ and ‘Busy Farm’ playmats and Dwinguler ‘Dinoland’, ‘Zoo’, and ‘Music Parade’ playmats will become an essential part for the safe, fun-filled growth and development of your child,” said Jeanee Li, Account Manager at Posh Baby and Kids.

About Posh Baby and Kids
Posh Baby and Kids offers high quality, long lasting, eco-friendly baby products. With years of experience in the baby products market, Posh Baby and Kids believes in being partners with parents in caring for children and ensuring their health, safety and sound development. As an exclusive distributor for Dwinguler and Baby Care’s premium baby products, Posh Baby and kids also offers high quality, non-toxic and stylish baby play mats; taking great care to choose only those products that have passed rigorous quality tests and are trusted.

About Dwinguler
Dwinguler, founded in 2003, has been manufacturing high quality and premium baby products with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. Dwinguler specializes in non-toxic, eco-friendly kid’s play mats made with proprietary embossing techniques. Dwinguler range of playmats complies with the requirements of CPSIA and European Commission Toy Standards.

About Baby Care
Baby Care Playmats, founded in 2005, provides eco-friendly playmats for babies and young children. With products that have advanced technologies, Baby Care Playmats aims to bring safe, hygienic and fun playmats essential for the safe growth and development of children. Baby Care playmats has been tested to European and Australian Toy Safety Standards.

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