Posh Baby and Kids India at CBME India 2016.

April 27, 2016

For those who missed reading our last post, CBME India 2016 held in Mumbai has just concluded. It is one of the leading events in the B2B baby, children and maternity products/services industry. Posh Baby and Kids India had participated in the event and had displayed their entire Dwinguler and Baby Care range of play mats, Dwinguler Kids Sofas and Dwinguler Castle Playroom.

CBME Mumbai 2016

The Posh Baby and Kids India booth at CBME 2016 in Mumbai.

In many ways, it was a great exhibition for us. It gave us our first opportunity to connect with retailers, who have always been a crucial part of our distribution strategy. Displaying products afforded us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the superior quality and features of our products. Visitors got a chance to touch and feel the play mats and to discover exactly how soft, thick, and padded they are. It helped them understand how these shock absorbent play mats cushion and protect children as they play.

The Dwinguler Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat and its accompanying Talking Pen were a big hit with visitors. The revolutionary technology of the pen emitting sounds connected with the images that it touched on the mat was new and interesting for everyone. The Dwinguler Kids Sofa was another product that attracted a lot of queries.

CBME 2016

Posh Baby and Kids India booth displaying Dwinguler and Baby Care products at CBME India.

Meeting prospective retail partners and interacting with them is always something we enjoy and look forward to because of the learning it provides us with. Retailers visiting us at CBME had questions and brought with them insights that made us look at our products from a new angle, offered us a new understanding of our consumers and market, and helped us discover potential areas of change or improvement in our tactics and strategy.

CBME Mumbai 2016

The Dwinguler India Team.

We look forward to meeting more retailers through future events and trade shows. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about our company and its products, check out our website www.poshbabyandkids.in.

If you are interested in joining us as a retailer/reseller, you can fill in the form found on our website and someone from our marketing team will get in touch with you.

Posh Baby and Kids India will be at CBME 2016Posh Baby and Kids at the LMNOP Summer Carnival in Delhi.