The LMNOP Summer Carnival was held at Ashoka Hotel and Posh Baby and Kids had participated in this fun event. The LMNOP Summer Carnival is a one-day carnival for parents and children between the ages of 0 and 12. There are lots of interesting things happening at the carnival–workshops, educative seminars and a general fun carnival atmosphere that engages, educates, and entertains parents and kids.

It’s also the right event for manufacturers and retailers of child and baby products to exhibit their products, interact with consumers, and explain the finer details and features of their products.

Posh Baby and Kids had been a part of this one-day fun event this year. We had displayed the Dwinguler, Baby Care and Bebedom range of play mats as well as the Dwinguler Play Castle and Kids Sofas. The Castle was a big hit with the toddlers. They ambled over and got inside and refused to get out, tinkering around with the gears and games of the Learning Station. The ultra soft and colourful Dwinguler play mat and the super comfy Dwinguler Kids Sofa placed inside the Castle play pen may also have had something to do with it. Once the kids settled down comfortably on a cozy spot, the parents had a challenge on hand when it came to getting them out.

Customers who had purchased our products were happy to meet us. One such customer was Mr Nagpal, who had purchased the Baby Care Pingko play mat. He was delighted to see us at the event and was happy that we had introduced these play mats in India. He and his family have done something very interesting at their place. Using tents and our play mat, they have created a lovely little play area for their 15 month old child. We thought it was a fun idea, creating a play corner or play area for kids which was fun and safe. Some of the visitors with older kids (5-6) rued that the mats were not around when their kiddies were infants. Our sincere apologies to our dear visitors.

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Posh Baby and Kids India at CBME India 2016.