• Run to Town Playmat

    A premium yet budget playmat, BeBeDom Playmat is the ideal mat to create a safe, cushioned and hygienic play area for children where they can crawl, roll, play, tumble or lie down on. BeBeDom Run To Town Playmat introduces babies to a fully functional town –complete with a super market, gas station, library, police station, hospital and more. Graphics and images in eye-catching, bright and vivid colours on the Run To Town Playmat helps a baby build knowledge, understanding and appreciation about the different elements of a town. Run To Town playmat is reversible to be turned over for a new visual experience.

    Soft and durable, BeBeDom playmats comes with superior cushioning to protect children against injuries. Run To Town Playmats keep babies safe, happy and content and keeps their little knees, heads and wrist protected from minor bumps and bruises. As the Run To Town Playmats are made waterproof, they are easy to clean and keep sanitized. Spilled drinks, dribbled fluids or dropped food is easy to wipe up with a tissue or soft cloth. Very easy to clean with soapy water or mild detergent. With a non-slip functionality, BeBeDom Run To Town Playmat offers stability, reducing minor falls and bumps. BeBeDom comes with a unique jewel embossing patterned surface that is perfect to create an interesting sensory experience for children when they touch the mat. This pattern also prevents creases on the mat surface.

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    • Product Dimensions (CM)
      125 x 125 x 1
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      127 x 17 x 17
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    • Age Rating
      0 - 7 years