• Teacher Rabbit Playmat

    Children will be taught the A B C’s by a furry rabbit through the BeBeDom Teacher Rabbit Playmat. This play mat comes with alphabets from A-Z in bright, vivid colours and appealing graphics. Acting as a unique medium of learning, Teacher Rabbit Playmat teaches kiddies the alphabet, developing their understanding of object and words to alphabet association. The colourful and educative BeBeDom Teacher Rabbit Playmat grabs attention and will entertain kids also giving parents the opportunity to bond with their children as they teach them to the alphabet. Teacher Rabbit Playmat is reversible with a plain design on the reverse side. Turn over the mat anytime for a new visual experience.

    BeBeDom Teacher Rabbit Playmat is soft and manufactured with superior cushioning that protects delicate children from injury and prevents minor bumps and bruise on little knees, heads and wrists. Teacher Rabbit Playmat is made waterproof which makes them easy to keep clean and hygienic. Any drinks, fluids or food on the playmat can simply be wiped up with a tissue or soft cloth. BeBeDom playmat has a non-slip functionality which provides stability that reduces the chances of minor falls and bumps. BeBeDom features a unique jewel embossing pattern providing a fun and interesting sense of touch. It also prevents the mat surface from creasing.

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      180 x 140 x 1
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      142 x 19 x 19
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      0 - 7 years