• Birds in the Trees Playmat (Coming soon)

    A contemporary design, the lovely coloured Babycare playmats comes with – you got it – birds in trees (lots of them!!). On the reverse side, this playmat features a simple alphabet theme in the continued effort to develop and teach as your child plays. The Babycare playmats are not only fun, colourful and vibrant with creative pictures, letters and numbers but it also does an exceptional job of protecting your little ones from hard floor surfaces, preventing injuries when crawling and playing.

    “Birds in the Trees” Babycare Playmat creates a clean and safe play space on the floor for your child. As a soft floor surface, it ensures a soft landing area while playing, and protects knees and wrists. It is a great playmat ideal for rolling, tumbling, standing up, and falls. The Baby Care Playmats are waterproof, hygienic, and safe. It is easy to clean, just wipe with a soft damp cloth for food and drink Coming with stimulating colours, graphics, characters, and educational elements like letters and words, Baby Care Playmats are an essential part for the safe fun-filled growth and development of your child.

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    • Product Dimensions (CM)
      210 x 140 x 1.3
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      142.5 x 22 x 22
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      0 - 7 years